Important Notices for TONE WOW members.


5 Nov 2018


Please refer to the Corporate Identity & Product Guidelines when making any promotional material (Online & Offline) and get prior approval from TWHQ before publishing, broadcasting, printing or sharing any promotional material.

Failure to follow guidelines and obtaining approval may result in action to be taken from HQ.

Please click on the link to get the TONE WOW Corporate & Product Indicator Guidelines from the Downloads page:

1 Nov 2018

TONE WOW Product & Corporate Identity Guide & Hi Resolution Files Are Ready For Downloads. Please review the guidelines to prevent your application to produce marketing materials from being rejected by the COMPANY or by the COMPANY requiring you, to remove from circulation, such materials.

Download PAGE

1 Nov 2018

Official Company Marketing & Communications WhatsApp Account.


You may have received a WhatsApp text message recently from 01159099969 which has been changed to 0390543809  . This is the TONE WOW’s Official Marketing & Communications WhatsApp account. As a member of TONE GROUP / TONE WOW you have consented to receive communications from the Company from this contact number. Please SAVE this number in your address book as it will be used to communicate important Announcements, Notices and Updates only. This is NOT to be used as a 2-way channel of communication. Please DO NOT reply to the message.

Should you have questions, please write in to or

31 Oct 2018

Please be informed that all Tone Excel and Tone Plus members are prohibited from recruiting Digi Official dealers. This is inclusive of, but not limited to personnel from:

  1. Official Digi Store Express
  2. Official Digi Specialised Store
  3. All Digi dealers with physical offices or kiosks.

Please strictly refrain from recruiting any of the above mentioned parties to avoid any disciplinary and legal action from TONE WOW HQ or their respective partners.

Thank you.

Download PDF

24 Oct 2018


The usage of 3rd-party Partner and Participating Merchants’ logos and/or misrepresentation of their brand is strictly forbidden. Non-compliance could lead to suspension of status and/or legal action. We are in the midst of compiling Brand guidelines for usage in your communication materials. These will be made available at a later stage.

Please be informed. Thank You.