Auto Top Up Terms & Conditions

  1. Auto Top Up will deduct your previous month incentive and be credited as Top Up to your phone number. Example: April incentive will deducted, and credited as Auto Top Up May.

  2. Crediting of Auto Top Up will happen by weekly follow to your Auto Top Up setting. Week 1 (4th), week 2 (11th), week 3 (18th) and week 4 (25th).

  3. Any changes on the Auto Top Up setting before 4th of month will take effect and your top up will credited on the same month. If you subscribe Auto Top Up after 4th of month, Auto Top Up will take effect for the next following month.

  4. You are encouraged to activate / subscribe to Auto Top Up to ensure that you always meet your minimum monthly Top Up commitments. If you have forgotten to meet this commitment, you risk not getting the month’s incentives. Furthermore, no request for Incentives recalculation will be entertained.

  5. You must have minimum incentive of RM30 balance after deduct Auto Top Up amount, bank charge & reset password to entitle for Auto Top Up deduction.

  6. Auto top up will credited to your current phone number. If you have changed your phone number or process MNP after auto top up process, the credit will not credited to your new number. You must resubmit the request if you make any changes.

  7. Strictly NO refund of incentive will be entertain once your auto top up has processed.

  8. By proceeding, you agree and acknowledge the terms & conditions above.



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