In addition to incentives, TONE WOW users will also be able to gain special perks and offers with our WOWcher system. By performing various actions on their TONE WOW accounts, users can earn WOWchers that can be exchanged for products and services from both TONE WOW and our 3rd party partners. It is our way of saying thanks for being loyal to us.

Earning WOWchers

Accumulating WOWchers isn’t all that hard! All of the actions below can earn you WOWchers.

Top Up Your Plan

Earn WOWchers whenever you Top Up your prepaid plan!

Register New Users

Sign people up for TONE WOW and earn WOWchers as a reward!

Upgrade Your Peers

Get WOWchers whenever your peers upgrade to a higher tier plan!

Activities & Events

Special activities and events held by TONE WOW are a great way to earn additional WOWchers!

*For details on how much WOWchers you can earn, please view our FAQ Section

Spending WOWchers

Once you’ve accumulated enough WOWchers, you can choose to exchange it for the items listed below.


Get in-house goodies such as shirts, caps and more

Products & Services

Redeem your WOWchers for special offers available on the TONE WOW Offline and Online Stores!

Third Party Products & Services

Your points can be redeemed for products & services offered by participating merchants!
(i.e: KK Super Mart)

Activities & Events

Spend your points at activities & events held by TONE WOW to gain access to limited edition goods!

*Wow Points cannot be redeemed for Top Up credits and/or other mobile service offers

Redeeming WOWchers

Once you have accumulated enough WOWchers, you can then proceed to redeem them for a reward of your choice. As a quick guide, here’s how you can redeem a third party offer with the WOWcher system.

Step 1

Shop at any participating merchant, whereever you see the MCash logo.

Step 2

During checkout, present the relevant WOWcher on the myWOW App to the cashier

Step 3

The cashier will scan the WOWcher’s QR code to complete the transaction

MCash Merchant List

Sharing WOWchers

Are you holding on to a large amount of WOWchers? Why not share it with your friends and family!
Our WOWcher’s Peer2Peer system allows you to do the following.

Transfer & Receive Points

Share your WOWchers or receive them from another active TONE WOW member!

Combine Points

Pool your WOWchers with another TONE WOW member in order to redeem bigger rewards!

Gift Wowcher Rewards

Redeem your WOWcher for a reward and gift it to a TONE WOW member of your choosing!

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