Want to Top Up your plan but you don’t have your wallet with you at the moment? Not to worry, as you can pre-empt that problem with WOWlet. Our very own e-Wallet system, the WOWlet lets you convert cash into WOWlet points that can be used to purchase products and services offered by both TONE WOW and participating third party merchants. With the WOWlet in your hands, being short on cash is no longer a huge hassle!

Topping Up Your WOWlet

Before you can use your WOWlet, you’ll need to add some cash into it.

TONE WOW members can Top Up their WOWlet through these TONE WOW Top Up Channels

TONE WOW Head Office

TONE WOW Business Partners

myWOW Apps

TONE WOW Website

myWOW Web

*WOWlet points cannot be exchanged for cash

Spending Your WOWlet Points

Once you’ve acquired some points in your WOWlet, you can begin spending those points at your own discretion. Here are some useful tips that will help you with your WOWlet experience.

  • Tip 1

    One (1) WOWlet point is equivalent to RM1
  • Tip 2

    WOWlet points can be used to purchase mobile top ups, mobile services, and other TONE WOW products and services
  • Tip 3

    Like WOWchers, WOWlet points can be transferred to any active TONE WOW member
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