Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 9 May 2019

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Getting Started

    As a first time user, please contact your nearest Business Partner. Already a member? Download MyWOW App / or TWMMS to register.
    Once you have inserted the sim card, you will be activated and you will receive RM30 for Biz pack user and RM 0.20 preload for Lite Pack and Push Pack. Kindly activate the sim before you perform the reload
    Login to view your profile, check your balance, view incentives and hierarchy and get latest news on the MyWOW App or TWMMS
    Enter your NRIC & Existing Password
    First time login password : 1234
    Change your password immediately after login

    If you do not receive OTP, call our customer service hotline : 011 59000969


    Digi Telecommunications
    1. Contact your sponsor or find our Business Partner here.
    2. Purchase your TONE WOW SIM card and activate it.
    Purchase from our Business Partner or visit TONE WOW HQ.
    For online request, you may email to
    • Lite Pack - RM 10
    • Biz Pack - RM 98
  • Push Pack - RM 25
    • Lite Pack & Biz Pack – For New & Existing Members
    • Lite MNP, Biz MNP & Push MNP Pack – For New and Existing Member to keep existing number
    • Sim Replacement Pack – For lost sim
    • MNP Sim Pack – For port in from other telco after registered as member
    Validity as per top up denomination.
    i.e.: top up RM50 will get 50 days, then after validity you have 45 days grace period before it terminated.
    Business Partner's List

    If there is no Business Partner nearby, you may contact any of the Business Partner listed to assist.


    If you are a new user, you may register with the nearest Business Partner.
    If there is no Business Partner nearby, you may contact any of the Business Partner listed to assist. If you are an existing member, you can register using MyWOW Apps / TWMMS.
    Insert your sim card to your mobile phone and your SIM will be activated.
    For Biz Pack, you will receive RM30 upon activation and for Push Pack, you will receive TWA25 package upon registration.
    SIM card will be terminated after 30 days from registration date.
    No. Only TWA25 will be activated for Push Pack.
    According to MCMC guidelines, you are allowed to register up to five accounts (inclusive of Digi account).
    Please log in to My WOW Apps / TWMMS to update and make changes to your details.
    No. You are not allowed.
    No. You are not allowed
    Please email to or click here.
    Please email to .We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
    The SIM card validity is 3 years without registration.
    You are unable to reactivate the sim if the sim has expired. However, you may request for membership reactivation to retrieve your Member ID upon approval. To retrieve your ID, please email to (term & condition applies for Member ID retrieval).

Rates & Plans

    You can press *126# or check via the myWOW apps OR

    From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 3: My Account
    Choose 1: Balance
    You can press 128*1*3# or check via the myWOW apps OR

    From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 1: TONE WOW Plan
    Choose 3: Freebies
    TWS30 From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 1: TONE WOW Plan
    Choose 1: Internet, Voice & SMS Plan
    Choose 1: TWS30
    Shortcut: *128*1*1*1#
    TWS60 From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 1: TONE WOW Plan
    Choose 1: Internet, Voice & SMS Plan
    Choose 2: TWS60
    Shortcut: *128*1*1*2#
    TWV30 From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 1: TONE WOW Plan
    Choose 1: Internet, Voice & SMS Plan
    Choose 3: TWV30
    Shortcut: *128*1*1*3#
    From USSD Menu (*128#)
    Choose 1 : TONE WOW PLAN.
    Choose 5 Unsubscribe
    Choose 2 : Reload
    (Will show last top up amount and date)
    Choose 3: My Account
    Choose 3: Account Info
    Choose 1: My Account Info
    Choose 3: My Account
    Choose 4: Account Settings
    Choose 2: Language
    (Choose between no 1 until 5 for your preferred language)
    You can perform top up through myWOW apps (please ensure your wowlet has sufficient funds) or click here or Walk in at any stores and purchase Digi reload.
    Yes. Attached rebate you will get when top up using your myWOW apps:
    Mobile Products Rebate
    Celcom Eload 3.00%
    Maxis Eload 2.25%
    MerchantTrade Eload 4.00%
    U Mobile Eload 4.50%
    TWR50 will be activated with bundle package as below :
    1. Data – 15GBCalls – 1000 mins on net and 100 min off net
    2. 50 days validity
    3. SMS – 20 SMS on net

    *Note that there is a maximum cap of 3GB data per day. Exceeding the limit will be charged as Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU)
    Yes. Your TWR50 plan will be automatically activated. You will not receive any credit.
    If you don’t receive your plan within 60 minutes, kindly contact us at 01159000969 or email us at
    Yes. Dial *128# to subscribe manually. For TWS9 credit amount of RM9 will be deducted. For TWS30 credit amount of RM 30 will be deducted and for TWS60, credit amount of RM 60 will be deducted.

    TW Reload
    TW Voice
    TW Subscribe
    TW Data
    Package TWR50 TWV30 TWS9 TWS30 TWS60 TWD50
    Internet 15GB - 500MB 5GB 20GB 20GB
    OnNet Call 1000 Mins
    1000 Mins 20 Mins 500 Mins 1500 Mins
    OffNet Call 100 Mins 75 Mins 10 Mins 50 Mins 120 Mins
    SMS OnNet 20 SMS 50 SMS   10 SMS 100 SMS  
    SMS OffNet - 10 SMS   - 15 SMS
    Validity 50 Days 32 Days 10 Days 32 Days 32 Days 32 Days
    Subscription Auto User Subscribe User Subscribe User Subcribe
    Auto Renewal No No No Yes
    Roll Over Yes. Reload before expired. Max 3 times. No
    Remark 3GB daily cap limit Basic Internet charges as PAYU No daily Cap limit
    Switch to PAYU after quota
    Unlimited Internet,
    low speed after 20GB
    Now, you may top up RM10 or RM30 without auto subscribed to plan. Or, you may top up other deno such as RM 20, RM35, RM55, RM60 or RM100.

    Otherwise, you may use myWOW app to top up with different denomination.
    1. TWV30:
      Top up RM 30
      Top up RM 35 from WOWlet in myWOW app (recommended)
    2. TWD50:
      Top up RM 30 + RM10 + RM10
      Top up RM 55 from WOWlet in myWOW app (recommended)
    Only subscription via the same method will rollover data. Subscribing via Top Up and then via USSD menu will forfeit data according to individual subscription expiry.
    Top Up (TWR) + USSD (TWS) | Won't Rollover
    USSD + USSD | Rollover
    Top Up + Top Up | Rollover
    Yes, you can subscribe to multiple plans.
    Effective 11th Jan 2019,
    ALL TONE WOW subscriber can enjoy New Grace Period (as below description) by reload their TONE WOW mobile number with a minimum reload of RM5. Graph below start 1st December 2018.


Port In/MNP

    Please ensure the following before you port in to TONE WOW:
    1. Your mobile number was registered under your ID/Passport.
      (ensure registered ID with donor telco are accurate as per your ID documents)
    2. Mobile number is still active.
    3. No overdue/outstanding bills.
    4. No outstanding contract obligations.
    5. Supplementary number(s) need to be ported together with Principal number.
    6. Credit Limit is not exceeded.
    You can check your port in status via TWMMS / My WOW App.
    Your credit balance will be forfeited once your port-in is successful.
    No, Digi number is not allowed to be ported in.
    Kindly email to with your details.
    Yes, you will receive SMS notifications notifying you on the status of your port-in request.

    Reject Code Description Resolution
    SP10 Wrong New NRIC Check NRIC details at original operator. Make corrections and Re-Submit MNP application.
    SP11 Wrong Old NRIC Wrong Check NRIC details at original operator. Make corrections and Re-Submit MNP application.
    SP12 Wrong Police/Military ID Check Police/Military ID details at original operator. Make corrections and Re-Submit MNP application.
    SP13 Wrong Passport Check Passport details at original operator. Make corrections and Re-Submit MNP application.
    SP51 Number still have contract with donor telco Cancel contract with donor telco and Re-submit MNP application.
    SP53 Overdue bills Settle all overdue bills with donor telco and Re-submit MNP application.
    SP54 MNP number not from donor telco Double confirmed with donor telco and Re-submit MNP.
    SP55 Number is no longer in service. Make sure the number is active before proceed with MNP.
    SP56 Number is a principal Line with supplementary Line(s) Principal line holder has to terminate all supplementary line with donor telco.
    SP57 Number is a Supplementary Line with a Principal Line Supplementary line holder has to register as Principal Line in order to MNP.
    SP58 Some or all number are not registered under customer name or main company Supplementary line holder has to register as Principal Line in order to MNP.
    SP59 Credit limit overdue Make sure credit limit is adhered.
    SP61 Disconnected/Suspended account Make sure the is active.
    SP71 One or all number did not reply confirmation SMS Highly advised to reply the SMS from donor telco within 5 - 30 mins upon receiving the confirmation SMS.
    SP72 one or all number replied 'NO' to confirmation SMS It is advised to reply 'YES' for confirmation SMS for port-in to TONE WOW purposes.
    You may report to MCMC complaint by click the button ‘Log Complaint to MCMC’ in my WOW app when you check the MNP Status. This button will appear when your MNP submission was rejected for 2 times and more.

Incentives & Commission

    The minimum requirement for commission is a minimum top up amount of RM 30 within the calendar month and subject to your Ranking in TONE WOW.
    To view your statement, please log in to My WOW App / TWMMS. The statement will show your : App incentive, Monthly commission, Top up commission and Bonus (if any).
    No. They are not entitled for the commission.
    Commissions are transferred via wire transfer directly into your bank account upon the value reaching RM30 or more. If commissions are below RM30, they will be brought forward to the following month
    Every transaction made will incur bank charges of RM3. Charges will not incur for Auto Top Up.
    1. Login to TWMMS to make changes.
    2. Go to Subscriber Care -> Bank Account Information.
    3. Click Update.
    4. Request OTP (OTP will be sent to your registered phone number).
    5. Enter your OTP and click Submit.
    6. Enter Bank Account Info and click Continue.

    Note : The bank account holder name has to be the same as the member’s name.
    Yes. You may request for a third-party account on TWMMS.
    1. Login to TWMMS to make changes
    2. Go to Subscriber Care -> Bank Account Information.
    3. Click Update.
    4. Request OTP (OTP will be sent to your registered phone number)
    5. Enter your OTP and click Submit.
    6. Enter Bank Account Info and TICK third party request.
    7. Please attach the third party NRIC copy.
    8. Ensure that all information is correct.

    The third party request will be activated upon approval within 3 working days.
    Please ensure that you have filled all information and attach the copy of the third party NRIC.
    If the issue still persists, kindly email us the details and attachment to
    Yes. Please login to your myWOW app > Incentives > Incentives Payment to WOWlet to set the percentage of commission to transfer
    Every 25th of following month


    HIWOW is for existing TE/TP member that would like to migrate to TONE WOW. You can purchase Lite Sim Pack for RM 10 and complete the registration using TWMMS or MyWOW App using your existing username & password.
    Yes, you can port in your existing TE or TP mobile number.
    Genealogy will remain.
    Your TE/TP incentive will remain unchanged and will continue with the new TONE WOW incentive.
    Remain as current level.
    Your credit balance will be forfeited. If you get a new number, your credit balance will remain
    Yes. You will still be entitled for the commission of your network.
    Not allowed.
    You must make a minimum reload on either one number. If you split the reload, you will not receive the commission as it does not meet the minimum top up requirement for one account.
    No for TW, but still can do for TE/TP.

Lite User

    When you register RM 10 sim card, you will automatically be a Lite Member and you can enjoy the commission and benefits of TONE WOW.
    Yes. Data Entry Incentive and Recruitment Incentive. Recruitment incentive is:
    Cumulative Total Monthly Personal Reload* of the recruited Lite Member in Month 1.
    RM 30 and above, Recruitment Incentive Scheme Less than RM 30, Recruitment Incentive Scheme
    Month 1** RM 3.00 Month 1** RM 1.00
    Month 2** RM 2.00 Month 2** RM 2.00
    Month 3** RM 1.00 Month 3** RM 1.00
    * Single Reload of multiple reload in the month
    Example Reload:
    RM 30 one time or RM 10 + RM 10 + RM 10 = RM 30 or any other combinations
    ** Recruited Member must have cumulative reload of RM 30 for the month
    When Lite Member upgrade to become a Biz Member, you as Biz Member, you will receive the upgrade incentive, however, if you are LITE member while your downline upgrade to Biz Member, you will lost your chance to receive the upgrade incentive.
    There are 2 different ways to upgrade to become a Normal Member:

    • Achieve a monthly commission of RM100
    • Make a payment RM100 through HQ, and myWOW apps
    No. There is no time frame.
    A lite member entitled for recruitment incentive when you do a minimum monthly reload of RM30. As long as Downline perform reload RM30 or receive reload via other channels, Upline entitled to recruitment incentive.

Loyalty Program - WOWCher

    WOWcher is our loyalty program and we can earn from top up, new members’ registration, joining TONE WOW event and others.
    • BizPack Recruitment: Recruiter get 10 WOWcher
    • LitePack Recruitment: Recruiter get 1 WOWcher
    • HI WOW: person who HIWOW get 10 WOWcher

    1. RM1 Top Up = 1 WOWcher
      eg:RM30 Top Up gets 30 WOWcher
    2. RM30 and above DIGI Top Up through WOWlet
      • Sender get 50 WOWcher
      • Receiver get 150 WOWcher + X amounts of WOWcher as per denomination of top up

    • BizPack Upgrade = 100WOWcher

    You will receive the WOWcher within 48 hours after transaction
    You can transfer your WOWcher using myWOW app. Please login to your myWOW app account.

    WOWcher can be redeemed via WOWpay merchants
    Yes, the expiry date is 3 years
    Expiry date will remain
    Yes. Please walk in to TONE WOW HQ Office for WOWcher redemption with merchandise. You can refer to WOWstuff page for WOWcher redemption for Merchandise.

WOW Stuff (Merchandise)

    Kindly visit our WOWStuff page to check out all available merchandise.
    Kindly go through TONE WOW Product and Corporate Identity Guidelines (can be found here) before making any design. Please email the items to to get the approval.
    The use of Digi’s logo is NOT ALLOWED on any merchandise and marketing materials.


    You need to purchase TONE WOW SIM replacement at RM10 through our nearest Business Partners.
    You can always recover your password in just 3 steps:
    1. Click at "Forgot password’’ link in our TWMMS.
    2. Type in your NRIC/Old IC/Passport/Army/Police and secret phrase.
    3. Select mobile number and click Reset.

    You will receive a temporary password via SMS which you can use to log-in and change to your new password.
    If you have unable to login after retrieving password, please ensure your ID is correct or you may use a different ID during registration (eg : army ID, passport ID)
    You can reload via a payment gateway through the app or you can walk in to HQ to perform the reload.
    If the amount has not been credited within 24 hours, kindly email us the details and payment confirmation at .
    Please ensure you have sufficient credit balance to view the full USSD menu.
    This is a technical issue. Kindly contact with your details for assistance.
    Please refresh the app. If the problem still persist, kindly contact with your details for assistance.

Campaign: Auto JC / SC Promotion

    The rank will be upgraded on the following month
    • If you are a Lite Member and you bought a Biz pack, hence you will follow Biz member rank
    • If you are a Biz Member because you have been auto promoted, you will need to achieve 150 to qualify for JC.

Campaign: Auto SC / PSC Promotion

    The rank will be upgraded on the following month.
    Yes. You are qualified.

Campaign: 2019 Incentive Trips

    • If LITE member pay RM100 to upgrade to Biz member, his target achievement = +RM500
    • If LITE member Auto Promote and upgraded to Biz member due to member monthly ToneWOW incentive more than RM100, his target achievement = +RM400

    If member HIWOW after 15th Oct 2019, example, HIWOW on 27th Nov 2019, then the HIWOW ranking will be the based on his HIWOW rank category to qualify for the trip.

    Example : HIWOW SC/PSC (TWP), target achievement = +RM1100.

    Each member will qualify for ONE ticket only regardless of multiple ID
    To qualify for the trip, the first ID that reach the target achievement will be qualified. Member is unable to claim for both ID if both are qualified.

Campaign: 2019 Pilgrimage Trip (Umrah Incentive)

    If you are a Biz Member, you will be auto upgraded to JC (TWE) by auto upgrade campaign, hence you will follow the JC rank to be qualified for the Pilgrimage Trip.
    Yes, you can claim it with a maximum cap of RM 4000
    No, you may only claim the pilgrimage trip once.
    You are responsible to make your own booking for the trip.

Campaign: 2019 Durian Runtuh

    Management will process the prize via bank in to your bank account (as per stated in TWMMS) after we announce the winner’s list through our website.
    Yes. The prize need to claim within 45 days after we announce the winners list through our website. If not, the prize will be forfeited.
    No. We cannot proceed the prize without bank information.

Campaign: 2019 WOW Factor!

Push Pack