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Reliability, dependability, consistency and affordability. These are still the core values that we at TONE WOW proudly stand by and fight for after all these years.

TONE WOW is a new entity, created to carry out a collaboration with Digi Telecommunications, to supply Mobile Network Services to Tone Excel International Sdn. Bhd. and Tone Plus Sdn. Bhd. Created in October 2018, it further carries on the legacy of TONE GROUP and its mission of helping Malaysians to earn additional Passive Income and ultimately leading a more comfortable life, free of debt and constraints due to finances.

Tracing our roots back to 2009, we have never been just another Mobile Prepaid. Our aim was always to provide a robust Mobile Service to our customers while remaining highly accessible and reasonably priced. Together with with this collaboration with Digi, a decade’s worth of experience in the business, we are here to offer you a Prepaid Service like no other and we are here to stay.

TONE WOW – certainly the Prepaid That Pays!


Our mission is to transform an everyday service – a Mobile Prepaid Service – from just a means of communication to become an income generating asset to our Users and Members.


We dream of one day being able to become part of all Malaysian Mobile Users' lives. Whether to enjoy excellent value-for-money Mobile Services or, to generate and enjoy a recurring Passive Income, and ultimately helping them to achieve Financial Freedom.

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