On 26th October 2022, we were alerted of a cyberattack incident.

Confirming what had happened, in the spirit of transparency, we wanted to share with you the actions we have taken, and further actions that we will be taking:

We have immediately:

• shut down our servers and alerted, and will be alerting, the relevant parties.

• seek to engage cybersecurity expert to carryout vulnerabilities assessments and fortifications to ensure business continuities for TONE Members, soonest possible.

• implemented several processes to protect TONE Members’ Login Credentials

We strongly advice that ALL TONE Members to be extra vigilant for any suspicious activity, to be alert for scams and password changes and any other anomalies that could signify attempted use of TONE Members’ data.

We will be reaching out to TONE Members who we suspected may have had their data exposed, even where that their membership had expired. We also hope to put our business partners and any relevant parties on alert so they could be on the lookout for attempted scams or incidents and take any necessary steps and/or precautionary measures.

We are putting more staff in our call center to answer any queries from TONE Members. You may reach us via WhatsApp at +60105129768, eMail to or Call to +601159000969

We are extremely disappointed that this attack occurred, and we acknowledged that this attack should not have happened. We assured you that we will do better to secure and safeguard TONE members’ data.

We will engage and diligently collaborate with cyber security experts to ensure that our website, systems, procedures and processes continually kept updated. We kept our focus on taking actions and perform periodical assessments to keep them safe.

This is still a work in progress but rest assured that we continued and committed to learning, doing better in the future.

We are truly grateful and would like to thank and acknowledge all our personnels, as well as personnels of regulatory bodies, departments, and business partners, all of whom have helped and advise us on various matters pertaining to this unfortunate incidents.

As we move forward, and with the lesson learned, from this cyberattack, we make a commitment to you that we will strive to not just do better in the future - but strive for best



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