Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 18 October 2020

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    • Purchase TONE WOW SIM card for registration and activation. • Contact your referral or reach out to our Business Partner here
    1. You may purchase from our Business Partner or visit TONE WOW HQ.

    2. You may also email us at with the following details for online purchase.
     Name
     Member ID (if applicable):
     NRIC/Passport:
     Program: (Tone Wow Excel / Tone Wow Plus )
     Sim card Type: (Flexi LITE / Flexi Push/ Flexi LINDUNG/Flexi Biz/Premium SIM/VIP SIM/MNP/SIM Replacement)
     SIM Quantity:
     Type of collection: Self collect or Courier

    3. For courier delivery, there is a delivery cost depend on area and weight.
    Minimum RM10 for Semenanjung Malaysia, RM20 for Sabah & Sarawak

    4. For self-collection, you may collect from TONE WOW HQ as per address below;
    TONE WOW HQ B-G-1, Jalan3/149E, Taman Sri Endah, Bangunan Endah Promenade, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

    Operational Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 5:00PM
    Friday (Lunch Hour): 12:30PM - 2:30PM
    Sat & Sun: CLOSED
    Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
    Validity as per top up denomination.
    I.e. top up RM50 will get 50 validity days and after validity ends, your status will be barred for NINETY (90) days and Suspended for ONE (1) Day before expiration.

    Barred for 90 days
    • Able to receive incoming call but unable to make outgoing call and have access to internet
    • You may top up to re-active your mobile number to avoid your mobile number falling into the 'Expired' status

    Suspended for 1 day
    • Unable to receive and make call and access internet
    • You may top up to re-active your mobile number to avoid your mobile number falling into 'Expired' status

    Active > Barred > Suspended > Expired
    You may check via myWOW app (available to download via Google Playstore or App Store (iOS), or dial *126#.


    Yes. The SIM card will be activated automatically.
    According to MCMC guidelines, you are allowed to register up to FIVE (5) accounts (Inclusive of Digi accounts).
    You may login to My WOW Apps / TWMMS to update your profile.
    Yes. Via dual member registration
    Yes, if the account owner has passed away.
    You may send in your request via email to or walk-in to TWHQ.
    You may email us at or contact us via WhatsApp Support at +6010-5129768, and we will get in touch with you within the business hours as soon as we can.
    Each unregistered SIM Card will expire in 3 years.
    Yes. Re-activation of expired SIM Cards will be limited up to 7 days (calendar date) from termination date of expiry.
    Please email us at for further checking.

    *Terms and Conditions applied for re-activation processes

    Only MNP numbers are allow for re-activation.
    No re-activation allowed for new, OR Non MNP TW number. Only way is to register a new SIM card.


    A member portal for TONE WOW member to check, view and/or to update their details as follows;

    • Profile
    • Incentives
    • WOWcher
    • WOWlet
    • Bank info details
    • Genealogy
    • Beneficiary
    Once you have successfully registered your SIM card, you will have a member portal that can be accessed from myWOW apps or TWMMS.

    Android => Google Play Store
    IOS => App Store

    You may contact our care line 011-59000969/011-59009969 for immediate assistance.


    New type of SIM card that is flexible to register with new number or maintain your existing mobile number (MNP).
    You still can use the SIM Packs you have bought earlier for registration and it will be registered as a Flexi SIM.
    You can register the Flexi SIM card as current registration method, via myWOW app or MMS.
    For Flexi SIM card, you can choose your preferred number.
    You still can use the SIM card for registration as a Flexi SIM.
    No. Numbered SIM Pack cannot be used as Flexi SIM card.
    You still can use the SIM card for registration. But, the function to choose number will be NOT be available anymore.
    No. Flexi SIM is a starter Pack to use for registration only. You may use the MNP Special/ SIM replacement for MNP or SIM replacement submission.
    For the Flexi SIM, you can choose your preferred number.
    No. Numbered SIM Packs cannot be used as a Flexi SIM. You can only register as new numbered.
    Price as current. No changes
    • Lite Pack - RM 12.50
    • PUSH Pack - RM 27.50
    • Biz Pack - RM 100.50
    No. Flexi SIM is a starter Pack only. For MNP and SIM Replacement, you need to use the MNP/Replacement SIM.

PORT IN/MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

    A process for a user to remain their mobile numbers when changing from one mobile network carrier to another mobile network.
    Please ensure you have fulfill the following criteria before you submit port in to TONE WOW:

    • Your mobile number was registered under your ID/Passport. (Ensure registered ID with donor telco are accurate as per your ID documents)
    • Mobile number is still active.
    • No overdue/outstanding bills.
    • No outstanding contract obligations.
    • Supplementary number(s) need to be ported together with Principal number.
    • Credit Limit is not exceeded.
    You can check your port in status via TWMMS / myWOW app.
    Your remaining credit balance will be forfeited once your port-in is completed.

    Remark: You may refer to the MCMC's MNP FAQ for further understanding.
    No. You are not allowed to port-in a Digi number into TONE WOW.
    You may email us at with the below details for further assistance:-
    • Name:
    • NRIC/Passport:
    • Port-in Mobile Number:
    Yes, you will receive SMS notifications notifying you on the status of your port-in request.
    Minimum RM1.00
    You can refer the reject code and resolution as below:
    You may email us at with the following details for further checking:-

    • Name:
    • NRIC/Document ID:
    • Mobile Number:
    • SIM Card Serial Number:
    • Attachment of NRIC/Passport:
    • Attachment of SIM card (front and back):
    You may report to MCMC by clicking the ‘Log Complaint to MCMC’ button in your myWOW app when you check the MNP Status.

    This button (image below) will appear when your MNP submission was rejected for 2 times and more.


    You may purchase the TONE WOW SIM replacement at RM10 through your TWMMS Portal
    or walk-in to TONE WOW HQ, or perform a SIM replacement at Digi Kiosks or Digi Dealers near you (minimum charge will be imposed)

    TONE WOW HQ (Address):
    B-G-1, Jalan 3/149E,
    Taman Sri Endah,
    Bangunan Endah Promenade,
    Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
    57000 Sri Petaling,
    Kuala Lumpur

    Operational Hours:
    Monday until Friday: 10.00 AM- 5.00PM
    Friday (Lunch Hour)-CLOSED: 12.45PM – 2.30PM
    Click HERE to check the network coverage.
    If your sim is expired, you are unable to restore the SIM. To continue being a TONE WOW member, please call our customer service at 011-59000969 to check the availability of the number and on how to recover your expired number and member account. Please be informed, only MNP numbers are allowed for reactivation.
    You can always recover your password in just 3 steps:

    Click at "Forgot password’’ link in our MYWOW Apps
    Type in your NRIC/Old IC/Passport/Army/Police and secret phase.
    Select mobile number and click Reset.
    You will receive a temporary password via SMS which you can use to log-in and change to your new password.

    If you have unable to login after retrieving password, please ensure your ID is correct or you may use a different ID during registration (eg: army ID, passport ID)

    You may retrieve your password with the following steps:
    • Click at "Forgot password’’ link in our TWMMS.
    • Type in your NRIC/Old IC/Passport/Army/Police and secret phrase.
    • Select mobile number and click Reset.

    Remark : You may login onto TWMMS once you have received the temporary password via SMS. You are advised to change your password upon login.

    Click HERE for Tutorial video

    You may reload via a payment gateway through the MYWOW apps or walk in to TONEWOW HQ to perform the top up.

    B-G-1, Jalan 3/149E, Taman Sri Endah, Bangunan Endah Promenade,
    Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

    Operational Hours:
    Monday until Friday: 10.00 AM- 5.00PM
    Friday (Lunch Hour) - CLOSED: 12.45PM – 2.30PM
    Kindly try to do APN setting as below:

    [For Android user]:
    1. From ‘Menu’ choose ‘Setting’
    2. Choose ‘Mobile Networks’
    3. Choose ‘Access Point Name’
    4. Add on new APN:-
    • Name: Digi 4G
    • APN: diginet
    • Proxy:
    • Port:
    • Username:
    • Password:
    • Server:
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Port: 80
    • MCC: 502
    • MNC: 16
    • Authentication type:
    • APN Type: default,supl,mms
    • Save and choose DIGI 4G as new APN.

    [For IOS User]:
    1. Go to "Setting" Cellular  Cellular Data Network  APN
    2. Save and choose DIGI 4G as new APN.

    If the issue still persist, you can lodge a report about the network problem directly to Digi via MyDigi App as below:
    1. Register login to MyDigi App.
    2. Choose Support
    3. Choose network coverage and fill in the required information.


    Yes. You may request for a third-party account on TWMMS.

    1. Login to TWMMS.
    2. Go to Subscriber Care
    3. Scroll down to Bank Account Information and Click Update.
    4. Request OTP (OTP will be sent to your registered phone number)
    5. Enter your OTP and click Submit.
    6. Enter Bank Account Info and TICK third party request.
    7. Please attach the third party NRIC copy.
    8. Ensure that all information is correct.

    Remark : Request of commission disbursement to bank account 3rd party will be approved within 3 working days.
    Please ensure that you have fill up all the required information and attach the NRIC copy of the third party.

    Remark : Kindly email us at if your request still being rejected.
    You may update the beneficiary info via TWMMS.
    In accordance to the instruction from the Ministry of Finance based on Section 34(3)(a), Service Tax Act, 2018, as of 6th September 2018, the SST (Sales and Service Tax) will not be charged on the mobile prepaid service for Malaysian citizens.
    Non-Malaysians purchasing the mobile prepaid service will be subject to the 6% SST charge.
    Yes. Please login to your myWOW app > Incentives > Incentives Payment to WOWlet to set the percentage of commission to transfer

    Click Here for a Tutorial video.
    Every 25th of the following month.
    You may fulfill the monthly top up requirement with the cumulative top up of minimum RM30 within the calendar month for qualification of incentive.

    Remark : Monthly top up requirement is subject to your Ranking.
    You may login onto TWMMS or MyWOW App to check your incentives.
    You will not be entitled for the incentive for the particular month.
    Incentive will be disbursed via wire transfer directly to your updated bank account upon the value reaching to RM30 or more.
    Incentive lesser than value or RM30 will be brought forward to the following month. Please ensure you fulfil the top up requirement for that month.

    Remark : Please ensure you have update your bank account details in TWMMS in order to receive the incentives.
    Yes, every single transaction made will incurred the bank charges of RM3.

    Remark : No charges will be incurred for Auto Top Up Subscription.
    Kindly log in to TWMMS & follow these simple steps:

    Click Here to watch a Tutorial video, or you can refer to the steps below.
    1.Login to TWMMS and enter NRIC/Passport. Then Click Login
    2. Choose your program either TONE WOW Excel or TONE WOW Plus 3.Go to Subscriber Care .
    4. Click 'My Profile' 5.Scroll down to Bank Account Information and Click Update.
    6.Request OTP (OTP will be sent to your registered phone number).
    7.Enter your OTP and click Submit.
    8.Enter your Bank Account Info and click Continue.


    HI WOW is a process for existing TE/TP member that would like to migrate to TONE WOW. You can purchase Flexi LITE Pack for RM 12.50 and complete the registration via TWMMS or MyWOW App.
    Yes, you may HI WOW to remain your existing TE/TP mobile number.
    Genealogy will remain.
    Your TE/TP incentive will remain unchanged and will continue with the new TONE WOW incentive.
    Rank remains as current level.
    All your credit balance and Big Points will be forfeited.
    Yes. You will still be entitled for the incentive of your network.
    Yes, but subject to management approval.
    You may email us at with the following details to raise your request:

    Member ID:
    Mobile Number:
    Alternative Contact:
    You may top up either one of your mobile number with minimum of RM30 in order to entitled for the incentives.

    Remark 1: Monthly top up commitment requirement is subject to your membership Ranking.
    Remark 2: You are advised to top up both of your mobile number to avoid your mobile number fall into Expired and services interruption.
    No, you are advised to HIWOW in order to recruit for TONE WOW member.


    Register a Flexi LITE Pack, you will automatically be a LITE Member and you can enjoy the incentive and benefits of TONE WOW.

    Yes. Data Entry Incentive and Recruitment Incentive. Recruitment incentive is:

    EFFECTIVE 1st January 2020, Recruitment Incentives of LITE Members will be a One-Time Payment and based on First Reload of any amount after Registrations, as follows:

    First Reload Upon Registration RM10 RM20 RM30 RM40 RM50 and Above
    One-Time Recruitment Incentives RM1 RM2 RM3 RM4 RM5


    There are 2 different ways to upgrade to become a Normal Member

    - Achieve a monthly incentive of RM100
    - Make a payment RM100 through TONE WOW HQ (Walk-in) or myWOW app
    To be upgraded to a Push Member, you should have reached a minimum incentive of RM70.
    No. There is no time frame.
    A member will receive registration incentive based on the starter pack sold and when the downline performs first top up as below:

    First Reload Upon Registration RM10 RM20 RM30 RM40 RM50
    One-Time Recruitment Incentives RM1 RM2 RM3 RM4 RM5


    *The above Incentives are effective 1 January 2020.


    • 1GB high-speed for 30 days
    • 100 minute on net call
    • 10 minute off net call
    • 10 SMS on net
    • Preload RM0.20 (Validity 30 days)
    Yes, but downline needs to top up RM10.
    Yes. Push member will receive Biz member registration incentive.
    There few ways to upgrade Push to Biz Member:
    • Pay RM100 via TONE HQ office counter
    • MaKe payment RM100 via myWOW app


    WOWcher is our loyalty program and we can earn from top up, new members’ registration, joining TONE WOW event and others.
    • Biz Pack Recruitment: Recruiter get 10 WOWcher
    • Push Pack Recruitment : Recruiter get 10 WOWcher
    • Lite Pack Recruitment: Recruiter get 1 WOWcher
    • HI WOW: person who HIWOW get 10 WOWcher

    1. RM1 Top Up = 1 WOWcher
    2. Digi Top up RM30 and above via WOWlet
    • Sender will get 50 WOWcher
    • Receiver will get 150 WOWcher + X amounts of WOWcher as per denomination of top up

    • BizPack Upgrade = 100 WOWcher

    Remark : You will receive the WOWcher within 48 hours after transaction.
    You may login to your MYWOW account to transfer the WOWcher to others.

    Yes, the expiry date is 3 years
    Expiry date will remain


    Kindly visit our WOWStuff page to check out all available merchandises.
    Kindly go through TONE WOW Product and Corporate Identity Guidelines HERE before making any design.
    Please email the details to to seek the approval.
    The use of Digi’s logo is NOT ALLOWED on any merchandise and marketing materials.


    RM200 | 150GB | 180 days validity

    RM100 | 1,000 Minutes to ALL Network | 180 days validity

    RM500 | 500GB | 365 days validity
    You can purchase via USSD Menu (*128#) or myWOW app.
    Yes. Multiple purchases are allowed and quota will be stackable.
    No. It is one time purchase plan, no auto renewal.
    Latest purchase expiry applies and supersedes any existing expiry from the previous purchase.
    No. There is no maximum cap
    Yes, but you need to purchase TDS Plan first either TDS10, TDS30, TDS35, TDS50, TDS60, TDS80 or TDS120 before you purchase booster.
    Yes, but you need to purchase TDS Plan first (Refer FAQ No 1001 for all the TDS plan) before you purchase booster.


    SETIAGB is a reward, where Free Loyalty Data is given to TONE WOW Subscribers based on their tenure with TONE WOW.
    • Subscribe or renew your TDS Subscription.
    • Line must be Active status.
    • Tenure with TONE WOW minimum 30 days
    You will be receiving a SMS notification to redeem SETIAGB upon renewal OR subscription of any TDS plan.
    Then. dial *888*9# to redeem via USSD.
    Yes. All SETIA GB must be redeemed within seven (7) calendar days after receiving the SMS.
    Yes. There are 33 days validity and valid for all usage (social media, streaming, internet, etc.)
    No, unused Data will be forfeited and cannot be carried forward.
    No. It is a 1 time redemption, and NOT subscription based.
    SETIAGB Data will be consumed FIRST.
    Yes, a SMS alert will be sent for 75% and 100% usage of SETIA GB data.


    You can subscribe via USSD Menu (*128#) or via myWOW App

    Yes, you will receive a SMS notification two (2) days before TDS expiry date.
    No. You can only subscribe one (1) plan at one time.
    High-Speed (HS) Internet balance can be roll-over. 

    Remark: Basic Internet, Unlimited Call, Social and Video Internet will not be roll-over. Please ensure you have sufficient balance to renew your plan before expiry for roll-over.
    Once reached the FUP Unlimited Call, pay-per-used charges will be applied.

    Remark: TONE WOW free and unlimited services are subjected to Fair Use Policy. Under this policy, you may use the Services within reasonable limits. If we judge that your use is excessive and unreasonable, we may inform you to moderate your usage. TONE WOW reserve the right to charge you at prevailing rates or suspend/terminate the services in accordance with this Agreement.
    You can only subscribe to one plan at a time.
    You are only able to roll-over your Data Bundle with maximum of 3 capped.
    Yes. You need to subscribe the FIRST TIME. Subsequent Month, the plan will be automatically renew, provided you have sufficient balance for renewal
    Your existing SMS, voice or data balance will be forfeited if the renewal failed.

    Remark: Pay-per-used will be applied after renewal failed.
    The sequence of data consumption priority as below;

    The sequence of data consumption priority start with No.1

    You may check via myWOW app or USSD menu. Below are the steps;

    You may dial *128# to unsubscribe your plan via USSD Menu or login to your myWOW app.

    Remark: Please make sure you have at least credit balance of RM0.10 to perform this checking.
    You can check mobile number and credit validity ends via myWOW app or USSD menu.

    Remark: Please make sure you have at least credit balance of RM0.10 to perform this checking.

    Remark: Please make sure you have at least credit balance of RM0.10 to perform this checking.
    You can perform top up through myWOW apps (please ensure your WOWlet has sufficient funds). Top up via myWOW app can get the top up incentives.

    Or, you can Walk-in to any stores and purchase for Digi reload.
    The validity for top up as below;
    You may contact us at 01159000969 or email us at by provide the details below:

    • Name:
    • IC/Passport:
    • Member ID:
    • Phone number:
    • Top up Channel:
    • Attachment (Top up prove)

CAMPAIGN: Umrah Incentives (Pilgrimage Trip) 2023

    Achieved a New minimum monthly commitment of RM2,800
    Yes, you can claim it with a maximum cap of RM 4000
    No, you may only claim the pilgrimage trip once.
    You are responsible to make your own booking for the trip.


    You must provide us your OKU card details to register.


    Starting 29th January 2021, maximum amount allowed in the credit balance is RM1,000.
    Please ensure your credit balance is NOT more than RM1,000 after you perform a Top Up.
    You need to utilize the prepaid balance before performing the reload.
    Yes, please top up to remain active
    For All Terms & Conditions in relation to the use of the Digi Services, please Click Here


    Incentive Trip: Club Med Cherating campaign starts from 1st March 2023 until 31st July 2023.
    TONE WOW Members must fulfil BOTH of the following criterias during campaign period to entitle for one (1) ticket for Incentive Trip: Club Med Cherating’.

    a. New Direct Registration
    I. TONE WOW members must have minimum of Seventy Five (75) NEW DIRECT REGISTRATION with subscription TDS35 plan and above during campaign period, and
    II. Minimum of Forty (40) NEW DIRECT MEMBERS recruited in (3)a.I.) Must be in ACTIVE status for at least thirty (30) days on 31st July 2023.

    b. Personal Monthly Top Up Incentives
    I. Based on TONE WOW Members rank as at 1 st March 2023.
    II. TONE WOW Member’s Monthly Top Up Incentives (Personal and Group Top Up Incentive Only, exclude Fast Track and any other incentives) as of February 2023 compared to July 2023 must have increment as table below:


    1. A is a LITE Member as at 1st March 2023 and LITE Member A Top up Incentive for February 2023 is RM 20.90.
    a. If LITE Member A’s Top up Incentives for July 2023 is RM 270.70, then LITE Member A is DOES NOT QUALIFY for Incentive Trip CLUB MED CHERATING.
    Top Up Incentives = RM 270.70 (JULY 2023) –RM 20.90 (FEB 2023) = RM 249.80

    2. A is a LITE Member as at 1st March 2023 and LITE Member A becomes TONE WOW BIZ Member on 4th June 2023.
    b. BIZ Member A’s Top up Incentives for July 2023 is RM 290.40. BIZ Member A AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES for 1 Ticket to Club Med Cherating.
    Top Up Incentives= RM 290.40 (JULAI 2023) – RM 20.90 (FEB 2023) = RM269.50
    (Based on LITE criteria as Member A is a LITE Member on 1st March 2023)
    No, the newly registered TONE WOW ID of an existing member will not be eligible to participate in the campaign.
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