Why Should You Choose Lite?

Flexible Plans

From hardcore users to the more casual folk, our prepaid plans is capable of catering to your needs.

Spread It Around

Mobile plans need not be a solitary affair. Recommend our plans to your friends and family and get rewarded.

Earn A Passive Income

Earn yourself a commission whenever your referral Top Ups their TONE WOW plan. The more referrals you have, the more you earn.

Excellent Benefits

From monthly incentives to Points, TONE WOW rewards you in more ways than one.

How TONE WOW PLUS Lite Works

Earn more and more as your network grows

You earn 2% from your first referral’s Top Up value
You earn 3% of each referral’s Top Up value and will increase to 7% after 4th PEERS join your NETWORK





*Randomly select 2 to contribute to the growth of your passive commission

You earn 7% of each referral's top up value

Each referral in your passive commission will contribute two (2) persons to you as passive referrals




Registration Incentives

Want even more incentives to join TONE PLUS LITE?
With our new registration incentives, you stand a chance to earn more when you introduce someone to the TONE WOW family.
Here’s how it works

Earn an additional RM1

for every successful member that you’ve registered through our myWOW App.

Earn an additional RM0.50

for every successful member that you’ve registered through the myWOW Web portal.

Recruitment Incentives

Successfully registering a user to TONE WOW nets you additional incentives from us.
Earn RM1 from each member you’ve recruited to TONE WOW for the next six months when they perform a minimum Top Up of RM30 every month.

Member’s Top Up Your Incentive
Month 1 RM30 RM1
Month 2 RM30 RM1
Month 3 RM30 RM1
Month 4 RM30 RM1
Month 5 RM30 RM1
Month 6 RM30 RM1
Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
Member’s Top Up RM30 RM30 RM30 RM30 RM30 RM30
Your Incentive RM1 RM1 RM1 RM1 RM1 RM1
*The RM1 incentive will be forfeited if the member does not perform a minimum top up of RM30 during that particular month.

Your are a TONE WOW Lite user and you want to register another member. Don't know how?

Contact your Business Partner or call us at 01159000969.


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